Deep Eddy

To celebrate Women's Month, Deep Eddy rebrands as Deep Edna to challenge sexist norms in alcohol branding and advertising.

Writer - Joshua Childers

Photographer - Megan Chang


Promotional Posters


Freddys Interview

Warning: this video is 6 1/2 minutes long, but it's a fun ride!

SXSW Activation

The Deep Edna Watering Hole is a series of concerts celebrating female musicians. Held during SXSW, the Deep Edna Freddys make an appearance to interact with fans and promote their flavor.

Merch Packages

Our merch would be distributed at the SXSW event, bars, liquor stores, and events.

sweet tea package.jpg
original package.jpg
Ruby package.jpg
lemon package.jpg
peach package.jpg
Orange Package.png