Kat Ashenden
Art Director


Brand Book - The CoLab

The goal of this space was to foster creativity and provide an all-encompassing place for creative students to complete projects from start to finish. The name Co Lab is an expression of both the social way we work and the physical space we work in. Co, came from collaboration, which is important in the artistic ad field. And Lab exudes the setup of the physical space we have created for students.

Merit - The Center Ring Student Show 2017

Co-Art Director Leeah Emerson

Writer - Taylor Brookhouse

Designer - Ezell Brown

Brand Extension - Maverick, A Carhartt Company

Carhartt was established in 1889 in Detroit, Michigan by Hamilton Carhartt. Throughout the years we have stayed true to our values. The products have changed and developed but our beliefs haven’t. We’re American founded, American crafted.   

In 2017, we launched a new project, Maverick. To carry the Carhartt tradition into this new line, these products had to be tough. Each toy we put on the market is Maverick Tested and Approved. Which is our authorization the toy is good for any of our feisty, playful four-legged friends. We make our dog products out of 100% recycled material. We believe it is our duty to do what we can to help keep this planet green.

Writer - Stuart Tierney

Designers - Carol Ehreth & Katie Harper