Kat Ashenden
Art Director

John Lewis

John Lewis


John Lewis Department Stores

We created a campaign for D&AD’s New Blood ad competition. Our challenge was to design an in-store experience for John Lewis, a UK-based department store. Our goal was to draw new customers into John Lewis’s brick and mortar stores.

Writer - Cristy Sauceda

Photographer - Richard Scott

The Cards

We created a series of coupons disguised as tarot cards so customers could envision a future that was fashionable. Each card has a peel-off sticker with a barcode for a discount in select departments.

blind envelope.jpg

The App

For a limited time, our fortune-telling friends will take over the John Lewis app with a game. Players pick from three shuffled cards —one with a fortune, one with a fashion tip, and one with a coupon. 

The Billboard

We’ll place billboards around the city to draw attention to our futuristic campaign.