Kat Ashenden
Art Director





To help modern women escape the stereotypical world of feminine product advertising, Thinx, a brand dedicated to normalizing periods, will acknowledge what menstruating is actually like for real humans.

Writer - Lauren Wierzbicki

Instagram Support Group

To create a community of period commisteration and compassion, women can DM Thinx their “dirty laundry” on Instagram, for the chance to get featured on Thinx’s story and win 20% off a set of the F My Period Panties.


F My Period Panties

Thinx will produce seven limited edition “F My Period” panties that are inscribed with honest period thoughts.

Mailing Box

Thinx Pop-Up

Thinx will open pop-up shops so that women can have a safe space to relax, re-energize, and continue living their best lives (And buy Thinx panties). Period.